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Guidelines for Remote Services


UC San Diego TRiO Upward Bound COVID-19 Remote Work

UC San Diego TRiO Upward Bound is committed to continuing to support our TRiO students during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a TRiO student or parent/guardian, our outreach staff are available for you to ask questions and get support during these difficult times. Let us help you make sense of information and the college preparation process. 



We know that these may be stressful times full of uncertainty for many of our students and their families. To help during this time, EAOP has compiled a list of resources that may be helpful during these troubling times.

EAOP COVID-19 Resource List

EAOP is also looking for ways to continue to serve our students and provide them with support during these times until they return to school.



Sabemos que este tiempo está lleno de incertidumbre y puede estar causando mucho estrés para nuestros estudiantes y sus familias. Para ayudar durante este tiempo, EAOP ha recopilado una lista de recursos que pueden ser de ayuda durante estos tiempos difíciles.

Lista de recursos EAOP en respuesta a COVID-19

EAOP tambien buesca maneras de continuar a servir nuestros estudiantes y proporcionarles apoyo durante estos tiempos mientras regresan a la escuela.


Guidelines for Remote Services


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